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Hiring A House Cleaning Company: What You Need To Know

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Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A House Cleaning Company

There are a lot of people who can clean their own homes. But there’s no doubt that the best choice is to hire a company for cleaning to do it for you.

House cleaning services can help you do everything from vacuuming the floors to dusting and polishing your furniture. They will even do your laundry for you if you have little time.

Here are some things to think about if you’re ready to hire a professional house cleaner:

  • What Are Your Needs?

Before looking for a provider, you should figure out what service you need. Do you need someone to come every week or every two weeks? Or do you like regular service? It would help if you also thought about how long it takes to clean each room and how many rooms need to be cleaned. When comparing companies, you will have a better idea of whether or not they can meet your needs.

  • How Big Is Your Home?

How long a cleaning service will take to clean your home will depend on how big it is. The larger it is, the longer it will take them to clean your house. So, suppose you live in a small apartment or condo unit. In that case, it’s not worth it to hire professionals to do this job because it will take them longer than necessary to clean up such a small space. But if you have a medium-sized or larger home, you should hire someone who can get the job done quickly and well.

House Cleaning Company
House Cleaning Company
  • What Is Your Predetermined Budget?

The most important thing that will affect the price of cleaning services from a professional company is the size of your home. The bigger the house, the more work it takes to clean it, which means the price goes up. It will cost more if you have a more prominent location than a small house. It would help if you also decided how often you want them to clean every day, every two weeks, etc.

  • Do You Have Time?

Finding time to clean your house can be challenging if you have a lot going on. No matter how you spend your days, there are always things to do. Hiring a professional house cleaning service is excellent if you want someone to come into your home and do all the work for you. You’ll have more time to hang out with family and friends or do other things around the house.

  • Do You Have Pets?

You know how messy pets can be if you have one. Your dogs are part of your family and deserve all the love and care in the world. But can a cleaning service help you keep your house tidy while you take care of your pets?

There are a lot of pet-friendly services. Some of these companies even have teams that only clean up after pets. These crews have worked with different kinds of dogs and their messes before. They also use safe products so your pets won’t get hurt while cleaning.

If you want to avoid paying someone to do everything for you, you could hire a cleaner who knows the cleaning house guide. This way, you and your pets will be happy because nothing will go wrong or hurt anyone while you are cleaning.

  • Do You Have Any Allergies?

If you have allergies, you need to let the cleaning service know. For example, if you are allergic to animals, you should ensure that they are not used to clean your home. Also, if you have asthma or are allergic to dust or pollen, make sure your cleaner has HEPA vacuums. These are the best allergy vacuum cleaners. They remove 99% of allergens and pollutants from the air before sending them back into your home.

  • How Often Do You Want Them To Come?

It would be beneficial if you also considered how frequently they will be available. Many people like having their house cleaned once a week or every two weeks, but some like it once a month or even once every three months. This is important because if you have a lot of pets or kids in your home, you may need them to come more often to clean up after them. A weekly visit might be enough if you don’t have pets or kids at home.

  • What Type Of Flooring Do You Have?

You should hire a cleaning service that knows how to clean hardwood floors if you have them. If your home has tile or linoleum floors, make sure the team has worked with those kinds of floors before. If not, they might damage your floors and cost you more to fix than if you did the work yourself. Not only should they know what kind of flooring you have, but they should also know how to clean each type. So that they can remove all the dirt and grime and make the floors look their best when they’re done.

  • What Kind Of Dirt Are You Dealing With?

If you have kids, a dog, or many people over, your floors and counters will show signs of wear and tear. You’ll most likely want someone who doesn’t mind a little mess. But if you want someone to clean your kitchen and bathrooms before guests arrive, you’ll have to do some research.

Before hiring a house cleaning service, you must know what kind of dirt you have. How often you need your house cleaned and what tools the cleaners bring can depend on the type of dirt.

Here are some types of dirt that are common:


Dust collects on floors, furniture, appliances, and even gadgets. Dusting is one of the most basic housekeeping tasks. So if your home looks dusty even when it’s not being used much, it may mean that it needs to be cleaned more often by a professional staff.


Dirt has small pieces, like sand or clay, that can scratch things over time if they aren’t cleaned up. Regular maintenance services can help keep things in good shape by vacuuming or mopping up spills as soon as they happen.


Grime is dirt that builds up over time because people cook, clean, and do other things around the house. It sticks to something and is hard to get off with regular products. This is why you should hire a standard house cleaning service if you want your home to stay in good shape.

Pet Hair

Pets shed hair all year, but the majority of it comes out in the spring. If your pet sheds a lot, you should hire a service to eliminate the hair. They will be better able to clean tough spots like carpets and furniture if they come with the right tools.

Mold & Mildew

If flooding or leaking pipes cause water damage to your home, you may also have to deal with mold and mildew. These stains look bad and can make breathing difficult or cause allergies in some people. Experts will use special tools to get rid of these stains and any other signs of water damage that are still there.

Customer Reviews And Testimonials | Professional Home Cleaning Service
Customer Reviews And Testimonials | Professional Home Cleaning Service
  • What Should You Look For In A Cleaning Company?

Make sure that when you’re looking for a house cleaning service, you’re working with a reputable company that can give you the needed services. Keep an eye out for the following:

Good Reputation

A good name can mean a lot of different things. It means that the company has been around for a while, has a history of providing high-quality services, and its customers love them! You can find this information on their website or in Yelp reviews.

Also, ask your friends and family who have previously hired cleaners if they can recommend a company. You’ll be able to tell if they’re trying to get rid of an extra referral or if they believe in the company.

User-Friendly Website

Check to see if the company’s website is clean. This is important because it tells you what business you’re dealing with.

A good website should be simple, easy to understand, and easy to use. You should be able to find out about their services or prices on the site. If it’s hard to find your way around the site, that’s probably not a good sign.

You should also look for an address on the site to know where they are. Also, read what other people who have used this company have to say about it if you can.

Good Communication

The best cleaning companies are those that are easy to work with. You should change your mind if a company doesn’t answer your questions or is hard to get in touch with. If they respond quickly, they can answer your questions and solve any problems. They should also act quickly when customers give feedback or ask for changes to the service.

Affordability And Flexibility

Of course, you’ll want to find house cleaning rates that stay within your budget. But remember that hiring a company with a good name is more important than one with the cheapest services. Also, it’s a plus if you can pay in different ways, such as with a credit card or a monthly plan. So you can find a great way to save money while still getting the services you need.

It is essential to find the best cleaning service. Because of this, you should take your time and look for one with the above traits. With all of these tips, you’ll be able to choose an excellent service that will keep your home and life as clean as a whistle.

Squeaky Fresh stands out because we guarantee that every customer will be happy. Our team has all the skills and knowledge they need to give you the best house cleaning services and make your life easier. We’ll work with you to find the right solution for your time and money. Call us at (630) 286-9476 or email us and let us keep your home safe and fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Regular cleaning
2- Extensive cleaning
3- End-of-tenancy cleaning

A residential (house) cleaning service specializes in cleaning things around the house, such as floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Commercial (office)  cleaning services clean places like offices, buildings, and retail stores.

1. Pre-cleaning. The first step in cleaning is removing loose debris or substances from the contaminated surface.
2- Primary Clean
3- Rinse
4- Decontamination
5- Last Rinse
6- Drying

Most professional residential cleaning companies will bring their cleaning products and equipment when cleaning your home. This is because their cleaners have been trained to use their supplies and equipment safely and know they’ll have everything they need to clean your home correctly.