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Essential Chores For Keeping Your Home Clean & Tidy

Essential Chores For Making Your House Clean

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11 Essential Chores In Maintaining A Clean Home

We all have our ways of keeping our houses clean. Knowing the essential chores will make the work faster. Keeping your home clean and tidy takes a lot of effort. Keep a list with you to avoid wasting time going from one to another. Create a list that will serve as your guide in the cleaning process.

1. Begin With The Bed

Some people think that making a bed is only a waste of time. But beginning with the bed makes a huge difference. It makes the room tidier, and you need a couple of minutes to make it happen. Plus, starting by the bed can be like beginning your day right. After a long, tiring day, we all want to climb into bed. How can we enjoy our rest at night if our bed isn’t neat at all? Begin and end your day right. Use a duvet and a washable cover. If you are fond of your top sheets, you can reduce the number of pillows on your bed. You can use a large comforter, so you don’t have to tuck it into your sheets.

2. A Load Of Laundry Per Day

This may depend on the amount of laundry you do every week. You don’t have to do this every day, though. But, to keep your home clean, we recommend you go through at least 7 loads of laundry per week. Start creating the habit of putting in one load of laundry every morning. If you will be out the whole day and can’t dry the clothes before you leave, you can delay your machine. This makes the clothes ready for the dryer as soon as you come home. 

An alternative would be putting the load in the machine in the machine. Then, as soon as you get home, turn on the machine. Make sure that you have enough time in a day to finish the load of laundry you put in the machine. By doing this, you can lessen the dirt existing in your home. Keep your home clean by putting one load of laundry per day in the machine.

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Maintain A Clean House

3. “Clean Enough”

This is a struggle for most perfectionists. You need to learn how to be happy by ‘cleaning enough.’ We all want to keep our house tidy and clean to its smallest detail. But that doesn’t mean that everything has to always be perfect. You can follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to this. Learn how to be happy once you have reached the 80% of cleanliness at home. The remaining 20% is for us to pick up the little specks we see at home. This gives us the motivation to keep our house clean every single day. 

There will be places at home that are difficult to reach and those that you will never notice. A house cleaning service ensures your house is clean and tidy. Squeaky Fresh can clean your home from its ceiling to the smallest corners.

4. Make A List Of Your Priority

Some parts of your home only need a little time to ensure your house is clean. Create a household chore list of what you need to clean first and make it a priority. Some parts of your home can wait a day or two. You can put them at the end of your list. We only have a limited amount of time available in a day. Nobody would want to spend their whole day cleaning. Write down at least 2–3 realistic cleaning goals. A goal that you know you can achieve in a day. Making a list could help you focus more on your cleaning goal. 

A professional cleaning service knows what they should clean first at every home. They can do it in less than a day. Squeaky Fresh can finish these tasks right away with their expertise in cleaning. Our home deep cleaning services are always available to keep your house fresh and clean.

5. Ask Your Family To Help

You might think that cleaning alone would be easier. But take this opportunity to spend time with your children. Teach them to do age-appropriate jobs at home. This will benefit you both in the long run. As they grow older, ensure they learn to do simple tasks at home. Tasks like putting their coat and shoes away would be a great start. Tell them to put the dishes in the dishwasher and clean their room. 

Add chores they can do from time to time. These simple tasks are not noticeable, but they make a huge difference at home. If we want to keep our house clean, we should begin learning to do simple tasks at home. Check them for the first few weeks until they learn it as a habit.

6. The 15-Minute Routine At Night

Create a 15-minute routine at night to clean up. Ask people at home to do the same thing. Having people by your side who clean simultaneously makes the task easier. Put on the timer and stick to your priorities. Children at home can do small tasks while you handle huge ones. There are messes that are noticeable at one look. Start by cleaning this up. In this way, you can check off the list on your must-do list.

7. Keep The Basic Cleaning Supplies Near You

Put your cleaning supplies somewhere you can reach them. Make sure you don’t risk your children’s safety when you store your cleaning supplies. Put all your cleaning supplies in one place. When it is time to clean, it will be easy to find them. Squeaky Fresh’s home cleaning services use high-quality products  and equipment to clean your home. We make sure there will be no dust or pests left at home. 

Trust Squeaky Fresh to make your home look as if it is brand new. We always want our clients to get involved in our cleaning process. It is your home that we clean. We want to ensure we don’t miss any details before starting our service.

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Regular House Cleaning

8. Do Not Leave The Room Empty Handed

Never leave the room without bringing anything. You can start by picking up the small trash you see in your room. This makes a huge difference in the tidiness of your room. Take a quick look at your room and see what you could bring to throw away. Do not wait for it to become a pile of trash. We don’t want to build a pile of mess in our room. You can also do the dishes or some laundry that you need to put upstairs.

9. Know When To Declutter

Always take the time to declutter and clean your home. You will save more time cleaning if you do simple tasks instead of ignoring them. If you cannot find time to do this, you can always rely on Squeaky Fresh. We know that cleaning takes a lot of time and effort. It’s not like everyone can do all these things at all times. When you need help, trust a professional home cleaning service that knows well what they are doing. Call Squeaky Fresh for a home cleaning service you will never regret.

10. The High Traffic Areas At Home

Knowing the high-traffic areas at home will keep your home cleaner than ever. Do it on a daily basis to prevent more dirt from spreading. Create an area for shoes that easily accumulate dirt. Gather them in one place. It would be ideal to put it at the entrance of your home. Doing this will lessen the dirt that could spread inside your home.

11. Always Do C.L.A.Y.G.O (Clean As You Go)

Putting things away won’t take up much of your time. Invest by picking up the small amounts of dirt you see from time to time. Start with the simple tasks you can do. You’ll finish more tasks as it becomes a habit. Keep your house clean by starting with small details.

Squeaky Fresh checks every corner of your home. We fight against bacteria and viruses by ensuring our staff maintains cleanliness. 

For the best quality home cleaning service, hire Squeaky Fresh. Enjoy the health benefits a professional home cleaning service could bring. Make your home the best place to bond with your friends and family. Welcome them with a clean atmosphere that only Squeaky Fresh could bring. For inquiries, call us at (630) 286-9476 or email us. Learn more about the services we offer. Create a space you can share with your loved ones without any hesitation. Hire Squeaky Fresh and give your home a fresher look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Determine how many days you will clean. Then, on specific days, assign specific areas. For example, on Monday, clean the kitchen, entryway, and laundry room; on Tuesday, clean the living room and dining room; on Wednesday, clean the bathrooms; and on Thursday, clean the hallway and bedrooms.


Clean everything at once, and stop putting it off! Sort and tidy later; discard first. When decluttering, start with the easy stuff. Before you begin decluttering, locate every item in each category and eliminate everything you don’t like. 


  • A quick vacuum or sweep. 
  • Clean dirty surfaces. 
  • Put everything in its proper place. 
  • Do Your Dishes. 
  • Clean the kitchen sink. 
  • Clean the sink and its surroundings. 
  • Take on the Microwave Disaster. 
  • Mop and sweep the floors.